About Us

Talon’s professional experience includes successful managed service solutions that normalize cash flow. Along with this, we provide collaborated/shared resource call center solutions to reduce client support costs. Providing the best service possible, our IT call center expertise scales and works to accommodate a variety of client needs. Talon’s development is a product of almost three decades of resource management experience. As a result, we strive to ensure maximum utilization through effective cost containment and, in some cases, cost reduction. With extensive experience in commercialization of IT support services, as well as SAAS and other software solutions, Talon strives to be an industry leader on every front. To this end, we pride ourselves on successfully building, commercializing, marketing, and selling reliable IT services. We do this for, and on behalf of, our customers in healthcare as well as small to mid-sized business and enterprise-class clients.

Our CEO and President

Mike Linville is President and CEO of Talon of NC, LLC., Mike has been in the technology industry since the early 1990’s and In 1996, started Bald Eagle Technologies of NC, LLC. Accordingly, he was instrumental in directing its growth and success. As a result, the company grew to be the 3rd largest service provider in central North Carolina with a reputation second-to-none. Along with this, the company won several business awards including a Business Ethics award for which Mike is proudest. Shifting gears in 2010, Mike sold the majority of Bald Eagle to another company so that he could focus exclusively on developing healthcare solutions. As new opportunities arose, Mike re-entered the managed service space for commercial clients in 2014 to complement his healthcare ventures.

With cost containment at the forefront of his product development, Mike has excelled as a leader in developing and commercializing successful service solutions. These solutions include: Network Security, Support Desk, Managed Service Solutions, Shared Engineering Level Services, and Project Based Infrastructure Installation Solutions. In addition, he has identified and developed several “software as a service” (SAAS) products including: VisionXT, a Web Based application for the Social Services sector, and Talon for Health Care (now MentorHC), a secure web based portal for delivering prescribed educational material including: video, animation, audio, and text to patients in the privacy of their own homes.

Educated in Electronics, Computer Engineering, and Business Administration with over 25 years in the technology industry, Mike is an Entrepreneur at heart. As a result, he is always looking for the next opportunity to create a product. In so doing, he strategically positions the product and builds a business solution to meet specific customer needs.

All in all, Mike’s passion for solving problems with technology has afforded him the opportunity to assist hundreds of clients. By discovering, planning, and implementing multi-faceted technology solutions, he has assisted them in solving complex business needs.

Equally important, Mike relies on the support and encouragement of his family. Happily married to Jo, his wife of 35 years, they have two adult children and three wonderful grandchildren.

Our Executive Vice President

Jeff Kennedy is the Executive Vice President for Talon of NC, LLC, and Partner/Equity Member.  Jeff is responsible for assisting in the daily operation and management of the company, customer relation management, business development and is the site executive of the Waukesha, Wisconsin location.  He has 40 years of experience managing IT services in Healthcare.

During his career he has provided leadership and management oversight for multi-million dollar organizations in both the vendor service provider and the healthcare provider space. Prior to joining Talon, he spent 15 years providing leadership for an organization delivering hosted IT services and EMR solutions to healthcare organizations across the United States and 25 years managing IT services for multi-hospital IDN’s in the Mid-West. This experience and background as a solutions provider and an in -house service provider is instrumental to provide vision and direction to achieve successful service delivery for our clients.

Jeff is passionate about delivering high level, high quality services and solutions to customers in a cost-effective manner while achieving high customer satisfaction results.

Our Executive Vice President of Technical Services


Steven Norris is the Executive Vice President of Technical Services for Talon of NC, LLC, and Partner/Equity Member.  In this position, he is responsible for the management and productivity of both the Call Center and Managed IT Service teams.  With over 18 years in the technology industry, Steven brings the technical skills and depth of knowledge needed to ensure a successful client experience. In short, his ability to mobilize the right suite of technical tools and personnel resources is essential in delivering exceptional services to all our Healthy IT clients.

Prior to joining Talon, Steven served as the General Manager of outsourceIT’s North Carolina MSP branch, making him no stranger to the MSP industry.  Another significant role was as the Vice President of Human Resources and Information Technology at Spevco, Inc. for over six years.  Additional work experience includes: Information Systems Administrator (6 years), Hardware / Software Administrator (2 years), and Owner / Operator of Norris Information Technology Consulting (15 years).

Educated in Architecture and Information Technology, Steven currently holds numerous IT industry-specific credentials including CISCO and CompTIA certifications.

Our Team

Talon’s employees call Winston Salem, North Carolina and Waukesha, Wisconsin home.

Our multi-state operations are managed with high availability from both our North Carolina and Wisconsin offices. Both are staffed and operational 24/7 to provide our customers with full enterprise-level service and support. Having both locations provides a superior redundancy and workforce diversity.

Winston Salem, North Carolina

Our North Carolina location is in downtown Winston Salem at 201 North Broad Street, Suite 301. Our headquarters provides the ideal location for disaster resiliency and workforce recruitment in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina.

Waukesha, Wisconsin

In 2017, Talon added a second home to its network, opening the door for “interruption proof” service for clients. The ensuing technology upfit allows parallel operations with our location in North Carolina. This enables us to provide localized on-site support for our clients in the greater Milwaukee area.

Business Continuity

Redundant network connectivity, generator capacity and a balanced workforce make each site resilient. In the event of unforeseen circumstances that disable either location, routing strategies will direct incoming calls to agents staffed in the unaffected location. This strategy provides Talon the luxury of offering clients a 99.9% uptime commitment.

Why is uptime so important? Talon’s clients have life-critical health systems that need immediate support. Whether we’re helping a patient with their MyChart portal or a medical provider calling about a technology issue, the Talon team must reliably answer each call quickly and execute full resolution to provide the best possible support. Lost calls cause frustration and lost productivity; in the business of patient care, there is no room for either.

This understanding drives the Talon commitment to invest in redundancy and apply the best possible IT resiliency to our client’s business continuity–regardless of their industry.

Our Other Work: Eagle's Wing Outreach

Eagle’s Wing is the Evangelical Action of God’s Love Exhibited by Serving: Working to INcrease Giving, is Talon’s ministry outreach program in which empowered employees give back to the community by sharing the blessings God has bestowed on the company. Its purpose: To financially support evangelical organizations.

Guidelines for Eagle’s Wing Organization Nominations:
  1. The ministry must be Christian and evangelical with an emphasis on sharing the gospel message as part of its outreach.
  2. Examples of past ministries opportunities include:  WBFJ, Samaritan’s Purse, and City Lights Ministry.
  3. If you would like to nominate a ministry to receive a donation through this program, you must complete a nomination form during the last month of each calendar quarter.  Completed forms must be submitted to Human Resources no later than the last day of each calendar quarter. A form can be requested by calling 336.740.9065
  4. A rotating committee of at least three Talon employees reviews all nominations for the quarter, researches additional information, and makes a decision on financial commitment.  The committee then presents the award determination to the entire staff. NOTE:  Depending on the ministries nominated and monetary contribution needed, more than one ministry may receive financial support per quarter.
  5. Distribution of funds will not exceed 10% of Talon’s net profits for the previous calendar quarter (example: a donation made in April will be based on net profits for January through March).
1 Mar 1 – Mar 31 April
2 Jun 1 – Jun 30 July
3 Sept 1 – Sept 30 October
4 Dec 1 – Dec 31 January

NOTE:  For “seasonal” needs such as back-to-school and Christmas, nominations should be made in the quarter that precedes the need so that a timely distribution can occur.

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