Managed IT Services

Talon | specializes in Managed IT Services to meet our client’s operational needs. We diligently vet and advocate for best of breed products on behalf of our clients to provide exceptional performance value. With vendor partners like Meraki, Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, Symantec, Unitrends, DattoProofpoint and Microsoft we’ve coordinated implementation and support for the most reliable solutions to satisfy the technical and budgetary needs of our customers.  We realize technology dependencies differ and offer variable service solutions to match. One size does not fit all. We will custom design a predictable and highly available solution ranging from complete turnkey network protection to a la carte consultation services to fill gaps in IT infrastructure and service delivery.

IT Support Services

Desktop & End-User Support

Talon provides Desktop and End-User support to meet the operational needs of each client individually. Our clients who utilize our managed IT services receive a hybrid approach of remote and onsite support. For customers who need occasional onsite support, we are happy to dispatch a service technician to the client site to perform an array of different services from software installation, patch management, general end-user training and education. Pricing for this service is flexibly designed to meet specific operational budgets on a monthly or ongoing basis. Every member of our customers’ organization will be given the attention they deserve across all services levels ranging from our Chief Information Officer consultants to day to day support from engineers, administrators and PC technicians.

Remote Support

rods3Our basic-level remote support is available to clients who have unpredictable or minimal technology support needs. Talon is able to simplify many business IT needs while still offering the same level of expertise as our on-site support. This service is priced by the hour with a minimum of 30 minutes for any given call and billed in 15 minute increments thereafter. Please contact your Talon sales representative to discuss pricing.

Onsite Support

Onsite IT supportSometimes you need a knowledgeable expert to be hands-on. At a very basic level, our on-site support can be accessed on a first come first serve basis without a contract in place. We bill in 15 minute increments for the actual time worked on any particular project. The services range from Project Management, Engineering Level Support, Network Administration and PC Support. In certain instances, prepayment may be required for this non-contract service. In any event you will receive the same reliable service. A contract engagement is strongly suggested to ensure acceptable response times especially in emergency situations. Please contact a Talon sales representative to discuss pricing.

Complete Network Protection

Cyber security concept on virtual screen, consultant presentationComplete Network Protection is just what it sounds like: Talon is staffed with highly skilled and comprehensively trained individuals that provide both onsite and remote support for our customer’s entire network. We engage each customer individually, to understand their business and IT needs, then provide a comprehensive solution, from product procurement to service support. A predictable monthly price is calculated based on your selected services, in order to normalize costs and take the surprises out of supporting your IT infrastructure.

Data Protection Solutions

Comprehensive ProtectionTalon provides enterprise-class data solutions for its customers using Unitrends and Datto appliances and cloud services. The solutions range from low-cost redundant solutions for 100s of gigabytes to 100s of terabytes of data. The Unitrends product line was chosen for its unique ability to protect our clients from ransomware viruses that are running rampant in our connected world. The combinations of on premise appliance with cloud storage and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is unbeatable to keep your business up and running with minimal impact from external threats whether natural disasters, physical anomalies, cyber criminals or hardware failures.

Server & Network Management and Monitoring

network-serversTalon manages our clients’ servers and network infrastructure devices using AutoTask Endpoint Management tools to ensure maximum uptime for your network infrastructure and related systems. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We utilize advanced monitoring and escalation notifications so we act on and usually resolve any issues long before they cause interruptions for our clients. When an alert is received, an engineer is immediately dispatched to address the issue to minimize negative business impact. We are proud to provide this 24-hour coverage—most of our competitors fail to provide a staffed NOC outside of Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Desktop Management and Monitoring

services_slider.pngTalon uses AutoTask Endpoint Management to actively manage desktops and laptop computers for our clients. This solution provides us with the advantage of understanding resource needs, improves the product lifecycle and allows for remote pre-scheduled patching of operating systems as well as scheduled software installs and upgrades. These tools provide simplified remote assistance to troubleshoot and repair most PC issues—minimizing the cost and time for onsite travel. That cost savings is passed on to our customers in a fixed per price fee to manage each device.

Talon also offers integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) for tracking, policy enforcement, patching and administration of mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

Managed Patching

Talon manages critical and non-critical patch management on behalf of clients. The task of regular patching and updating to ensure both security and business continuity can be daunting. Talon utilizes in-house managed AutoTask and other patch management tools to ensure a secure, highly available network remains functional for its clients. Patch management can be part of a comprehensive monthly managed service on a pre-determined, pre-scheduled basis based upon industry best-practices.

Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

symanticWith all of Talon’s managed products, our chosen partners must provide best of breed services. Symantec Endpoint Management Suite is the ideal solution for small, midsize and enterprise businesses. The use of Symantec’s Antivirus, Antimalware and Antispyware minimizes the possibility of intrusive and sometimes destructive elements invading your network. Our comprehensive custom-managed security suite combined with data protection, email continuity, and archiving is the best in class solution to minimize risk and provide protection for our clients.

Managed Email Anti-Spam, Continuity and Encryption

proofpointHackers, crooks and agitators make it difficult to manage productivity, security and sending highly sensitive data via the internet. Talon’s managed Proofpoint solution addresses communication nuisances, security issues and archiving.  This best of breed Cloud Solution as configured by Talon simplifies many advanced email management tasks for your business like eliminating spam and email encryption of confidential information with a single click within Outlook. Using our Proofpoint solution improves email productivity for your entire business.

Managed Email Archiving

Doing Overtime Stacking Many Emails In CyberspaceIf your business communication retention is critical for Legal, Healthcare or Accounting regulations, you may need to maintain email records for a decade or more. With our managed Proofpoint email management system, email can be archived to meet your long-term requirements with unlimited storage for a monthly fixed predictable cost. If your organization has problems with email retention, Proofpoint Archiving managed by Talon is the clear solution.

IT Consulting Services

IT Infrastructure Assessment

Talon’s IT Infrastructure Assessment is available to all potential clients and is designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the customer’s network. Our IT Engineers will take a comprehensive look at every aspect of the site infrastructure paying particular attention to areas that may be “at-risk” from a security or business continuity standpoint. Data backups, network speed, storage capacity, security software, operating systems for server and desktops are all assessed and a comprehensive executive summary is provided and reviewed upon completion. To schedule your IT Infrastructure Assessment click Here.

CIO Consulting

divider7Talon’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) Consulting Services are provided as a value add-in or as an hourly consulting add-on. Our highly-trained senior resources will assist your management team with a deep dive into your business requirements from a comprehensive IT perspective. Our experts will develop an understanding of your business requirements and provide professional detailed advice regarding both short-term and long-term strategic IT Planning. We will become your trusted advisor—dedicated to protecting and improving your business and bottom line.

Cloud Solutions and Services

Businessman drawing a cloud computing diagram or flowchartAs a Microsoft partner, Talon prides itself in delivering all of the cloud-based benefits available with the Office365 product suite. We realize that the options with Office Online is sometimes confusing and at times overwhelming to integrate and transition. Talon’s experts are able to make the best recommendation and coordinate your transition. We ensure availability of the right products, manage migration, and ease the transition of our clients from traditional licensing to cloud based solutions to minimize cost. Pricing models are available on an annual or a monthly basis to fit our customer needs to simplify the process and minimize capital outlay of dollars from your budget.


Talon provides many cloud solutions including; Proofpoint, Symantec, Unitrends, and Office365. These products can be comprehensively implemented and supported via a Managed Service Contract or on an a la carte basis to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Business Continuity Planning

macWhat happens if?

Talon is well versed in identifying IT requirements associated with meeting your specific business continuity needs. We will ensure that your organization has a plan to minimize impacts from restoring inadvertently deleted files to catastrophic natural disaster recovery. Customized business continuity planning with Talon will ensure data protection as well as define reliable disaster recovery to ensure your organization is kept running. Businesses continuity needs vary: we will define a formal project to understand your requirements, implement policies and set procedure to meet your operational needs.

Project Services

divider4Have you been putting off a technology refresh or software upgrade? No problem! Talon has a complete product procurement consultant service as well as a project deployment team that will assist in scoping the project including design, product procurement and transition management. We will take the lead in implementing the solution utilizing our entire team and lead by one of our project managers to ensure smooth transition from legacy equipment and software to the latest and greatest. We believe in providing stellar services for our projects and understand the need for hiring the right expertise for IT infrastructure solutions. Whether it is an accounting software update or a complete technology refresh you can be assured we will develop a plan that is comprehensive and designed to mitigate risk associated with your organizational change.


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