Talon augments client IT teams across the US within a variety of industries with the scope of those services ranging from special projects to complete IT staff support.

Healthcare is a core focus for Talon, as are managed IT services across many sectors. This broad focus informs and improves all of our service areas. Talon’s healthcare focus provides intensive, technical experiences for our staff, working with everyone from clinical staff to patients, always underscoring the commitment to 24/7/365 services. Our business and industry clients keep our IT view wide, always considering new techniques, technologies, and IT project pathways. The result is a Talon IT staff ready with Energy, Clarity, and Answers.

For presentation purposes, we divide our Solutions across Healthcare Sector services, Managed IT Services, and IT Consulting. In practice, our teams work in concert with one another, overlapping competencies and skill sets enhancing services for all Talon clients.