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Talon provides a variety of resources to support your managed IT decision and planning processes. Healthcare IT Support Media include downloadable brochures and an extensive video series. The Help Desk Cost Assessment supports an in-depth look at your costs for providing IT support, using a combination of your custom data and industry data researched by Talon. Talon also provides an IT Infrastructure Assessment to potential clients, reviewing your IT landscape and network details. The most effective resource for learning about Talon is to Contact us. We doubt you’ll be surprised that we answer your call 24/7/365.

Healthcare IT Support Media

A number of downloadable resources are available to supplement your understanding of Talon and your decision process for considering our resources to augment your own team or to take on projects to support your organization.

A comprehensive set of 33 videos is available featuring more about Talon in the words of our management, project managers, quality assurance analysts, and IT professionals.


Need an informed, well-researched tool for analyzing your IT help desk costs? This tool is available at no cost to you.

CIOs and IT professionals often consider the delivery cost for IT help desk support, but without immediate access to a tool to support that consideration, attentions turn to pressing needs. Talon invested the time to research and develop the Talon Cost Per Ticket Calculator.

Cost Per Ticket is an informative efficiency measure for IT help desks. The metric yields a cost per unit that helps frame delivery expenses in an understandable way.

The Talon Cost Per Ticket Calculator provides easy access to this valuable information using the data you have on hand. We’ve identified many industry-based costs and applied those as default values in our tool. You can accept those values or insert your system-specific costs to further customize the assessment.

IT Infrastructure Assessment

Need an independent assessment of your IT landscape including its strengths and vulnerabilities? Talon provides thorough infrastructure assessments for potential clients, helping to plan the way forward.

The first step in planning the way forward is to be certain of where you are currently. Combining that knowledge with an understanding of where you want to be supports a plan. Our IT Infrastructure Assessments identify the strengths and weaknesses within networks and IT environments. Our engineers take a comprehensive look at every aspect of the IT infrastructure, paying particular attention to areas with possible security or business continuity risks. Data backups, network speed, storage capacity, security software, and operating systems for servers and PCs are assessed. A comprehensive executive summary is provided and then reviewed together upon completion. To schedule your IT Infrastructure Assessment, click Here.


Please provide your name and email address in the fields below to proceed with the assessment (note that assessment results will be delivered to the email address you provide). Please include the additional details as those will facilitate the process.